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The custom designed home process begins when the client, either by phone, fax, e-mail, or through a
builder, contacts Southern Classic Designs and schedules an appointment. This meeting gives both the
client, and ourselves the opportunity to become acquainted and discuss the elements of design, which
they'd like to see visualized concerning their home. Ideas from both Southern Classic Designs, as well as,
the client are always embarked upon. We believe it's our responsibility in assisting the client in achieving a
design which incorporates all the architectual elements and details they'd like to have as an attribute,
in their new home.

Many times clients will bring photographs, clippings from magazines, as well as, freehand sketches they've
drawn, exhibiting features of the architectural detail they prefer. Such as, wall niches, ceiling medallions,
brackets, corbels, columns, moldings, balustrades, pilasters, stair brackets, gable ornaments, windows, etc.,
which not only add elegance and beauty to any home, but have the ability of transforming ordinary rooms into
unique and elegant interiors. Such architectural details can be introduced into custom cabinetry, fireplace
mantels, stairs, for the support of kitchen countertops, as well as, creating beautiful focal points throughout
the home. We wholeheartedly encourage these visual aids which better convey the design styles,
elements and details desired by our clients.

When the client is completely satisified with all the design characteristics of their future home, the process
of making their dream become a reality, begins. We begin creating the computer-generated (CAD) designs
for the interior floor levels, as well as, the front, rear and side elevations. When the plans are complete, they are
given to the client, who in turn, take these to their chosen builder for the next stage of the process, which is the
actual ground breaking and construction of their new home. Not forgetting, the actual home design plans may
take weeks to complete, depending upon the meticulous level of architectual design style,
element and detail preferred by the client.

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