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For the past 34 years Southern Classic Designs have been customizing homes for countless individuals,
at various levels of detail. Each custom designed home allows the client to reflect their needs, desires,
personality and lifestyle into their home design, thus allowing them to create for themselves, as well as, their
family, the home of their dreams. We've custom designed homes for clients living in the American states of
Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee,
California, Washington D.C., Utah, and Maryland. As well as, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, And China.

Over the years Southern Classic Designs have worked side-by-side with our clients, custom designing projects
ranging in size from 800 square feet to 72,000 square feet. Whether it's a vacation cabin for the lake, or a palatial
mansion, we consider each project an important unique design, one which we believe should replicate the unique
individuality of the client. Our goal is to achieve the ultimate level of a customized design, which we believe not
only translates into a beautiful dream project, but also one including professional and ethical standards, which
Southern Classic Designs have a dedication for, when providing this service to our clients.

Aside from custom designed homes, our company has worked with clients designing carriage, boat and pool
houses, as well as, country clubs. Southern Classic Designs have worked with countless individuals who have
chosen to have custom designed projects, ranging from the smallest to the largest in size. Our clientele over the
years desiring such projects, aside from their personal home, have been professional football and baseball players,
record producers, as well as, Nascar team owners. Whatever the career, lifestyle, or exclusive taste of the
individual, Southern Classic Designs is dedicated to providing its clients with a valuable resource for
custom designed services.

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