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Miscellaneous Commercial Fantasy Homes Multi-Family Plans
All Plans comply with the Standard Building Code and VA & FHA Requirements.
Consult your Local Building Officials to determine exact requirements for you area.

Construction Plans include the following:
Foundation Plan 1/4"=1'-0"

Floor Plans 1/4"=1'-0"

Elevations Front 1/4"=1'-0"

Elevations Rear and Sides 1/8"=1'-0"

Roof Plans are furnished ONLY with complex roof design

Reverse Plans are available should you wish to build a home in reverse of the one shown on our site.
To prevent the lettering and dimensions from appearing backwards due to the mirror imaging,
you must specify Right Reading Reverse on the order form.

Square Footage Calculations are made from outside the exterior frame wall and DO NOT include
porches, decks, garages, attics, basements nor fireplaces.
Two story and vaulted areas are counted only ONCE, as are the stairs.

Balconies and walkways in two story areas are included on the second floor calculations.

NOT counted in the square footage calculations are bricks.

Foundation Plans:
Slab Plans are available for the majority, but some do include basement plans.

Floor Plans:
Each Floor Plan will show the dimensioned locations of walls, windows and doors.
Also included are kitchen, baths and electrical schematics as well.

Elevation Plans:
All include the Front, Rear and Side exterior, which detail the finish materials.

Kitchen and Bath Elevations:
These detail cabinet measurements, fixtures and arrangement layouts.
Kitchen and Bath elevations are available for some plans.

Roof Overview Plans:
These detail roof slopes, valleys, saddles and ridges. Roof Overview Plans are available for some.

Detailed Information Sheets:
Each of our Stock Plans include one sheet of Typical Detailed Information.
These describe the foundation, wall and other framing specifications.

Miscellaneous Information

The most common first floor ceiling heights are 8'-0" or 9'-0".
The most common second floor ceiling height is 8'-0".
However, plans including tray or vaulted ceilings will have varying ceiling heights.

Our designs usually includes a double hung light window.
Each set of our Stock Plans uses a common window sizing which does not apply to any particular
Window Manufacturer.

A common window size which is present on our plans is 2862, this represents a window
which is 2'-8" (or 32") wide by the standard window height which is 6'-2" (or 74") tall.

Each set of our Stock Plans uses a common door sizing which does not apply to any
particular Door Manufacturer.

A common door size which is present on our plans is 2-6, this represents a door
which is 2'-6" (or 30") wide by the standard door height which is 6'-8" (or 80") tall.

Exterior Walls:
The most common First and Second Floor Exterior walls are 2 x 4 wood stud walls.
The most common Interior and Exterior walls on the Basement Foundation Plans are
2 x 6 wood stud walls.

ALL stud sizes comply with the Standard Building Code, which meets the structual requirements
for load and/or the requirements concerning insulation properties for cold climate areas.

If you've chosen a Plan with a Side Car Garage Entrance, but would rather have a Front Car
Garage Entrance, this can be changed to suit your needs. However, structural considerations and
span of beams must be considered first and foremost when relocating doors and windows.
Depending on the design of the home the structural layout of the plan may require some
changes if the garage door is relocated.

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